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360-degree Network Microphone รุ่น WV-SMR10



แบรนด์ Panasonic
  • 360-degree audio monitoring : With multiple microphones, 360-degree audio monitoring from a specified direction is possible.
  • Specifying a desired direction on a camera image : While viewing a Panasonic 360-degree Network Camera image,
    audio from the desired location can be freely specified by clicking on that location.
    * Specifying the direction is available when the image capture mode is Fisheye or Wall Panorama.When the image capture mode is Quad PTZ
  • Synchronizing with the Network Disk Recorder : After recording audio to a Panasonic Network Disk Recorder*, the sound collecting direction can be specified while playing back the recorded image of the 360-degree Network Camera. * Models WJ-NV300 is supported.
  • Can be installed with a 360-degree Network Camera as one unit : The microphone can be neatly installed in one place by integrating it with a 360-degree Network Camera.
  • Vandal resistant mechanism for high reliability
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